January 1, 2021
It has been a sincere pleasure to provide United's finest Flight Attendants an app that lasted a decade (2010-2020). What a great flight it has been! May this new year bring us all better things in life and in our health. Wishing you all the very best!!

This will be one of several final announcements I will make on this app as I prepare its sunset on the App Stores. Please find below a timeline for this sunset and migration to the new app - CREWFLY:

February 10, 2021

This is the official date given by United to all third-party apps/vendors to disable all access to it's internal system. Approximately a few days prior to this date, an update will be pushed to the app removing all United related links and functions.

  • You can continue to access the app with the remaining tools and utilities with your existing login after this date.
  • There will still be some existing links/buttons (Crew Assistance section) for CCS related functions. THEY WILL BE INACTIVE!
  • Not all CCS-related links will be removed - but will become inactive as I don't plan to upload a new version/update on the App Stores.
  • We have requested United to remove our app from LINK, but have not recieved any correspondences or instructions for deletion from device and United Store.
  • Users with active subscriptions beyond this disablement date can continue to access app until migrated to the new app
  • Inactive users will receive email notifications of the new app once released on the App Stores
  • Any questions you may have regarding this announcement, your access, what happens next... can be submitted in the Support Channel of this app or email us at support@crewfly.com

Again, THANK YOU everyone in your enduring support of my apps over the past decade. Looking forward in continously proving you and all other airlines, tools and utilities in enhancing your quality of life as an airline crew member.

Octavious Mendoza

CCS Access Disablement

December 1, 2020
As the app developer and your fellow flying partner, it disheartens me to announce that ualbyphone will once again (and for the last time) be shutdown. As I had expected, all attempts to communicate with United management requesting continuance of operation lead nowhere.

What's Next

As many of you have noticed, I have been a bit silence in the past month since the official announcement working diligently in preparing the "Exit Process" of UALBYPHONE ensuring all existing active users will continue to have access to the app until the disablement date.

As I have previously announced on my Oct. 22 Must Read Notification as well as providing a formal notification to United, I will continue to have an "airline crew app" on the App Stores that will offer tools and utilities many of our flying partners including pilots will find useful in their daily commuting, schedule management and flight activities as an airline crew member.

Therefore, I am formally ANNOUNCING a new global app coming to the app store named:


  • All Active users will be migrated to the new app
  • It will be offered at a reduced annual subscription
  • It will include all tools and utilites currently on ualbyphone not related or linked to United's sytem
  • it will be a global app available to all airline crew members

I want to thank everyone in their enduring support of my apps over the past decade (wow, it's been that long!). Many of you have and still continue to advocate continuance of my app with United, but I think it is time to move on - "Disarm Doors... bah bye!

More announcements will be made in the coming weeks as I sunset UALBYPHONE and deploy/migrate users to the new app.

Octavious Mendoza